ColorViz for WP7 Mango, Beta 1

The first beta of ColorViz for Windows Phone 7 Mango is available as a zipped xap file.

ColorViz is an augmented reality application that helps red/green colorblind people distinguish colors in the environment around them. It does this two ways: 1) by providing RGB values (and in the future, color names), and 2) by applying some processing live video with some algorithms I wrote.

I hope to integrate more features very soon, but the app is totally useful as-is. I use it daily to help me with colors.

Feedback is always appreciated, especially from my colorblind brothers!

System Requirements:

  • A Windows Phone running the latest developer build of Mango.
  • The ability to sideload xap files.

Known issues:

  • Normal mode does not automatically resume after you switch out of the app. Temporary workaround is to tap the “Normal” button. Sorry, I’ve only been programming WP7 for a week and I’ve been learning as I’m going.
  • Framerates are okay, but could be better. I’m hoping that WP7 has something similar to Core Video on iOS and that I can offload more of the image processing onto the GPU.
  • I’ve only been able to test it on a single HTC Surround. It may cause your Samsung Focus to blow up. Let me know.

2 thoughts on “ColorViz for WP7 Mango, Beta 1

  1. Hi Achia, thanks for getting in touch. I did take a look at the Colorful mockups, after a MSFTy pointed me to them when I mentioned my work on ColorViz. My app works quite a bit differently than Colorful, so I’m hoping Microsoft would consider another app for colorblind people.

    I do have several other features implemented in separate prototype apps. I plan to merge them as I get them useful for real world use. My static picture code is done, so I hope to merge that into ColorViz this week, if I can find the time. I only have a WP7 device until Friday night, so I’m rush-rush-rushing 🙂

    I’ve also been working on having different video processing profiles for people with different types of colorblindness, and saving colors to a palette (which is easy at this point), but I’m still working through handling color balancing, calibration, and de-noising (smartphone cameras are noisy). As my wife said to me, there’s little point in a palette if the colors aren’t close to real world.

    How are you handling this? How far along are you in coding? Do you have a rough app running? I’d love to play with it.


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